“I Don’t See It.” / “It’s Just the Dress.”

My Dear Heads-in-the-Sand Saints,

I come to you in humble supplication to tell you that you’re right about something.

There certainly is no way that Jeanette was pregnant during the production of Sweethearts, as Sharon Rich has researched and confirmed many times over. She CLEARLY made it all up, for sure, and we, her faithful band, are so blindly brainwashed that we don’t know which end is up, so none of us bother checking anything out on our own and we just happily accept the “facts” like the little sheep that we are.

So many times over the years, I’ve heard people in Saintdom, when directly questioned about the “Sweethearts Baby” and Jeanette’s visible pregnancy in the movie, say they don’t see anything at all, or assert that it’s “just her dress.”

You know what? You’re so right.



Oh, no, she doesn’t look the same size from both angles in this dress, in that publicity shot and in a screenshot from the movie. Not her.

And here, in this candid shot with the man who is definitely NOT her babydaddy, on her birthday….well, I guess she’d just had too much cake, because she’s 500% not pregnant.



One of the favorite remarks from you, dear Saints, is that she doesn’t look pregnant during the Pretty as a Picture song, the only “questionable” shots are from the dance break. I’m sure she just had a big lunch, since she couldn’t possibly be pregnant. As I have pointed out before, there is a cut right before and a cut right after they dance, indicating that, in all likelihood, it was re-shot at a later date and then spliced in. She’s much, much bigger during the dance sequence. The screen shot above was from the song, from the “original” footage of that number shot at the earlier time, but here are a couple that definitely showcase that pesky dress being all weird and stuff.



This concludes my tutorial on what a pregnant woman doesn’t look like. I mean, I have more pictures, quite a few more pictures, but it’s a little redundant. I just wanted to solemnly support your rightness in all things.

I’m not even going into the details of the pregnancy and the loss of it. It’s heartbreaking. Gut wrenching. But rather undeniable. Read Sweethearts. Ask anyone you know, “Does she look pregnant?” …I’ve never gotten a no. Except from the American Association for the Promotion of Gene Raymond.

Love and kisses!