A Small Hiatus

As I deal with a lot of Real Life Craziness and await the forthcoming new data which very well may directly alter my a few of my possible blog post topics, I gotta hold off on tyrannical rants for just a minute. 

And I gotta get my novel done, guys. I really really really am close. Within a few chapters. Ahhhhh!!

In the interim, let’s play pictures:


Jeanette, Nelson and Nelson’s later-years singing/nightclub partner, Gale Sherwood. Gale is right in the thick of things, but they only have eyes for each other. Always. Freaking always. (Look for a post about this particular triangle in the near future.)


Neglected Nelson mopes as Jeanette feeds Woody Van Dyke. I love this picture.


I would love to know what the hell is happening. Obviously we know what scene this is….but like, did they cut and she was still hungry? Is this a rehearsal? Whaaaa? 

“They et and et until they threw up. Then they got married. The End!”


That’s all. This was a quality post. Goodbye.