I had wanted to share this earlier, but the picture was JUST literally five minutes ago emailed to me.

I was struck, Christmas Eve morning, after seeing something that brought it to mind, by the thought that I didn’t want Jeanette to have empty vases or wilted old junk (like what I found when I visited in June) at Christmastime, so I called Forest Lawn super fast and told them to get busy with some Christmas Cheer for our songbird. I can’t control the non-matching in height and greenery from the East Coast, though I’m certainly OCD enough to want to, but I do hope she felt loved.


Merry Christmas!


Thanks for a great year here at The Case for Jeanette and Nelson! I have some interesting, newsy blogs planned, so stay tuned, and in the meantime, have awesome holidays and best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year! (And just LOOK at those gorgeous hot people in that picture…….come onnnnnnnnnnnn. They are too much and there’s an air of fanciful naughtiness about the whole thing that is one of the main reasons why the original is blown up to 20×30 on my living room wall…)

The Message of the Violet

Hi again!

Just wanted to let you all know that my second Mac/Eddy novel, The Message of the Violet, is now available in paperback at these links! I’m really quite proud of this book, I believe I have written a better book than the first one (the goal should always be to improve!), and I’m really excited for it to be out and getting read by all of you! It has been really fun to give these two incredible beings the life I wish they had had.




The Kindle edition will be out in due course (as soon as I finish all the necessary formatting) and I’ll let everyone know!

Of course, this book is the sequel to Smilin’ Through, and it’s really important that you read Smilin’ Through first.

It’s available here, in paperback AND Kindle, if you still need it! http://www.amazon.com/Smilin-Through-Kathleen-OHara/dp/1519478798

Happy Reading! ❤

Fictional Dalliances…

Hi readers!

I wondered if it was a good idea to post this here, as this is a research/biography blog, but then I decided that it’s also my blog, and as such, I get to be the boss, so here goes.

Some of you know this (because you know me), but others may not: in addition to working closely with a good team and making trips and doing research uncovering new biographical details and adding context or evidence to things we already knew about Jeanette and Nelson, I also write fiction.

Before everyone steps into their judgey pants, I find that in some weird way, it makes me feel better, to give these two beautiful people a happier what-might-have-been. When you spend a lot of time examining the many times heartbreaking circumstances of their lives, it’s easy to get mired down in the sadness and frustration and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said or heard people say how we wish we could go back and somehow make things better for them……..and this is my consolation prize, in that way. We can’t fix or change what happened, but this is rather satisfying in its own fashion. I figured that at least some of you may identify or agree with that feeling, and as such, you guys might be the best people to share this with!

My first Mac/Eddy FICTION novel, Smilin’ Through, is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions. I released it one year ago as an eBook, have since changed to a different publisher and decided to re-format and re-issue it, with a couple of minor (very minor, if you’ve read it already there’s no need to re-download it) tweaks. I had a lot of people ask for it to be available in paperback, so I’ve done that.

The book starts just as Jeanette has finished making Cairo, and for our purposes, we assume that the events up to that point happened exactly as they actually did (and I should add here that source material from Sweethearts was used with permission). She and Nelson are at a crossroads, career-wise, and they decide to change quite a few things in their lives. It’s a sexy book, not well-suited for young audiences, but neither is it pure “romance novel” — there are good love scenes (I hope they’re good, anyway!), but I worked awfully hard to have there be a well-researched, interesting, involved, plausible plot, too.

If you’re interested, the paperback is here. If you’re a Kindle reader, you can download it here.

And if you’ve already read Smilin’ Through, thank you very much, and I have further news for you: I am almost finished with the sequel! The Message of the Violet is the second book in what appears to be becoming a series, and it will be out before Valentine’s Day! I will report back when it gets released. 🙂

And one thing more, I have a pretty vast selection of short stories available, for more information about those, comment on this post with your email address and I will be in touch!

Below: the covers for both books (The Message of the Violet is lacking the blurb on the back, I haven’t written it yet!) and I’d like to thank my talented friend Don for his collaboration on both of them. They are both sourced from old pieces of sheet music for the two songs that I’ve used as titles and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.

And yes, Kathleen O’Hara is a pen name, but it’s also my real first and middle names. Katie is short for Kathleen. And I thought it was perfectly splendid that Jeanette plays Kathleen O’Hara in the movie Smilin’ Through!

coverproofjpeg MVcoverdraft

So when I’m not blogging, that’s usually where I am…….writing.

Happy Reading!