Okay, so this is not a never-before-seen photo or anything, but it IS an original, and better yet, it was JEANETTE’S original. It is from the estate auction and it arrived this morning, bearing the exact same “Jeanette” smell that is woven through the fibers of her scripts, book, gloves and scarf that now live with me. The dramatic/romantic part of my brain can’t help but love these little artifacts and desperately wish they could talk. What would they tell us? Who have those gloves held/shaken hands with? What has the I Married an Angel script seen behind dressing room walls? Laughter, tears, passion? The possibilities are endless.

I’ve bought a good number of photos from this auction and this is my first experience with one that has that very specific, very pretty fragrance. So, my mind is happily wondering…why is this one different? Did she like it, especially? Did she display it somewhere that the others weren’t? Did it, perhaps, line a drawer at her dressing table? Who knows. We’ll never know, of course, but it makes for fun thinking and I’m so, so glad this beautiful thing has found its way to me. ❤

Wall space is starting to really be hard to come by in my house, but I’m confident that this will find a spot to grace! I have scanned it at high resolution and unwatermarked here for anyone’s downloading and printing pleasure (click on it for the super-sized view), but please don’t alter or try to sell it. Thanks, and enjoy the Beauty and the Baritone in a sweet, sweet pose from Bitter Sweet!


4 thoughts on “Noses!

  1. Katie, I am delighted that you have this.And I think Jeanette is, too. Her treasures should be with someone who reveres them. And that is you!!

  2. Oh, my God! This blog is the most amazing thing that happened in my life lately. I can’t stop reading it. Great source of information about Jeanette and Nelson, and so fun to read. I’m smilling from ear to ear!
    And oh, dear… I Married an Angel script!! Being a screenwriter myself I looked everywhere for old hollywood scripts, but I simply cannot find any. I know that this is a collector’s item and most precious thing in the world to you, and obviously I would never ask for a copy but you don’t suppose you could transcribe it? When you have the time? I know, I know, is too much to ask. 🙂
    Anyway, your work here is great, and I (thank God!) have so much to read still. Hurray! Lots of love! ❤

  3. This is all too wonderful! I’m so overwhelmed by the I Married and Angel Photo on the balcony and all the others…I’m going to watch it right now. Thank you!

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