Popping in to Share This


I was very fortunate to acquire this beautiful shot of Jeanette, taken by C.S. Bull, on ebay last week. It’s an original, processed and stamped by MGM. Please enjoy this good quality scan of this beautiful human being. I love her tousled hair, squinty eyes and glorious joie de vivre. If only it could always have been this way.

This is the music that comes to mind, looking at this. Of course, this darling song is sung by a choice baritone:

And don’t worry, more juicy blogs are forthcoming! I’ve been doing a lot of research and am hoping to have some excellent and thought-provoking stuff for you soon!

2 thoughts on “Popping in to Share This

  1. Never heard this song before. You’re right, it does fit the mood of the picture. Ahhh, lovely carefree Jen (and vocally carefree Nelson)…can’t beat that.

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