Nelson Wants Them All to Know

So, all of y’all are familiar with the moment in I Married an Angel where they’re on the balcony, and they have the sort of fragmented bits of that gorgeous song, I’ll Tell the Man in the Street (If you want to hear a really beautiful version, Kristin Chenoweth sings it, look it up on youtube. I wish that song had been taken more seriously in this movie, it’s exquisite.) worked in to the mess with the locals hearing about how Willie married an angel, right?

It also probably has not escaped your notice that when Nelson sings I want them all to know / I love my angel so he seems to make eye contact with someone off camera to his left (our right) on the words “them all” and makes a very emphatic “so there” kind of face, returning his eyes to hers to sing about how he loves his angel so. On the next line, Jeanette is singing I’ll tell the world I’m your bride/I’ll shout it far and wide and she looks back over her left shoulder at the same person and gives a sort of “what are we going to do with him?” type shrug.

Which is freaking adorable. Not at all in character, either. It has nothing at all to do with Willie and his Angel.

I took a video of the lines in question with my phone, just for reference here:

So I have always assumed (maybe others have as well) that they were looking at Woody, their pal, their confidant, and that they were having one of those candid-type moments that seem to permeate their Van Dyke movies, especially this one. Jeanette’s unscripted laugh is the easiest example, but as I have her Angel script in my possession, I can prove several other slip-ups as well. (Nelson forgets his line in the scene with the secretary at the beginning, when he says, “Take a letter–” he flounders all around for the beginning of his line and then remembers it, saying, “Oh yes! Take a letter!” and Woody left it in the movie. There are other little things like that, nothing humongous, but fun for the nerd in all of us.)

Welp, now I can prove it. That it was Woody they were looking at, I mean. In searching for something else this morning, I came across this:



I realize this isn’t earth-shattering news, but it made my little heart so happy when I saw that photo and put these things together for real, instead of just thinking that’s the way it was. They are precious.

A little glance at MacEddy being MacEddy, adorably and candidly, with their best pal.

Visit to LA, 2016 Edition

Hi all,

I recently returned from a -very- intense few days in LA. Hopefully we are well on the way to being able to officially bring you some new and extremely important information. This has been brewing for months, but protocol must be observed in rolling it out. So for those of you kind people who have been waiting for me to blog, please know that it is coming.

Additionally, in the near future I will be doing an unrelated-to-the-LA-information post about Jeanette’s hard-fought battle to get onto the stage of the Metropolitan opera. Thanks to Angela, who is now the owner of some awesome papers and is kindly letting me use them for this blog, we have some very interesting things to highlight with regard to our girl’s foray into Grand Opera, how the Met essentially blew her off, and how doggedly determined she was to realize this dream–and the lengths (regression?) she would go to in her quest. The fact that she never appeared with the Met remained a sore subject for her. Also fascinatingly documented in these papers is her relationship with and subsequent firing of her manager, Charles Wagner. I will be able to tie this in with a post I made a long time ago, as I am now very familiar with the tone of this relationship based on primary source material. Exciting stuff!

We did, of course, go and visit Jeanette at Forest Lawn the first morning we were in LA. I had ordered her floral arrangements in advance and picked them up to deliver to the Freedom Mausoleum last Saturday. Though I really would prefer not to speak of this tacky display, I am bemused to point out that yet again, I have been to Forest Lawn a week after Jeanette’s June 18 birthday and yet again have had the dubious joy of removing the once-gaudy, now-dead, wilted flowers left behind by the APPRECIATING JEANETTE MACDONALD CLUB – SUE GARLAND, PRESIDENT. I say the name in very shouty all capitals because this group is apparently very very very interested in having their brand plastered all over literally everything, so hey, go nuts right? FREE PUBLICITY YOU ARE WELCOME. I know nothing about this group except that they are saints and their taste in flowers leaves something to be desired, but I think they are mighty …..something….. in needing to have their name literally taped. to. the. vase. as well as stuck in the flowers themselves. Why not tape a tag to each individual stem? Who are they doing this for? “ADMIRE US, WE GAVE THIS PERSON SOME FLUORESCENT DAISIES.”

No, but really:


And not even real cards… though I must say this beats the wrinkled envelope that looked like it came from the bottom of somebody’s purse, stuck to the $4 plastic and cellophane potted flower!plant left on the floor, last year. There was another one of those on the floor this year, an Anniversary Gift from the Same Important Group. 

I mean, I really don’t want to be that person, like I think it’s nice that Jeanette gets remembered with flowers and it’s NOT a competition and it’s a free country, please send all your favorite people flowers and take care of their resting places with love. But I dunno man, not once in the now, what, five times that I’ve ordered flowers at Forest Lawn either for hand delivery by myself or placement by an employee — not once have I ever felt the need to smear my name or our names or the Mac/Eddy Club’s name all over it. There has never been a card or a name attached, period. I have this funny idea that they’re for Jeanette and she knows damn well who they’re from and that’s good enough for me and my friends. I’ll provide a picture for interested parties and be satisfied that I feel like a nice thing has been done for someone about whom we care deeply.

Speaking of which, here are the arrangements that Forest Lawn’s lovely flower shop made up this year. I just gave them color choices, this time, and they did the rest. I loved how they turned out. Side Note: I have never had trouble with any staff member at FL, despite the reputation the place has for being hard-nosed and strict. I love it there and have found ALL the staff to be pleasant and awesome.




See, I have to feel like that looks like it was actually chosen as a gift for this particular recipient. Sorry I’m not sorry. I know that bringing up that other group’s stuff was petty and icky but their hypocrisy is thick and their desire to be advertised is garishly evident, so why not?

Lawd have mercy.

Forest Lawn was pretty emotional this year, in light of what is about to come to the fore. I know Angela and I both felt that, when we were there. Sniff. With us was our dear dear Mary Lynn and a woman named Margaret, who is in her eighties and making her first California voyage. She was so moved to be there and she thinks so much of our sweet songbird that it made the whole thing more special for the rest of us. Please feel loved, Jeanette. You ARE loved by so many, even if we can’t manage to get along.

We also went to see our man Mr. Eddy.


Hollywood Forever’s flower shop was also ON POINT—they had just gotten a beautiful shipment when we were there and everything was fresh and gorgeous. I am always impressed with how cheap flowers are in LA! (All the more reason to get nice ones, amirite?)

Saturday evening we ate at Miceli’s and had the fun of Hollywood/Highland at night. Never gets old! Margaret and the rest of us hoofed it from Miceli’s all the way to Grauman’s — there was no way she could leave LA without visiting the hand and footprints! Oh, speaking of which, I had Miss Mac’s gloves in my bag the entire trip, everywhere we went, so at Grauman’s, I took this picture of the baby-sized gloves and the baby-sized hands that used to wear them. So cute. (Rest assured they were NOT put on the ground!!! My hand is underneath them!)


Sunday was the meeting. Monday was an adventure unto itself, but one of those things that I’m going to wait a little while longer before blogging about it. I will be free to use more complete information very soon and it will make the post better as a result. Tuesday we spent at USC doing research, and of course we dropped by the Jeanette MacDonald Recital Hall to see the Pretty Pretty Pink Lady. The pictures do NOT do the thing justice. It is absolutely stunning. If you have the opportunity to get there, GO SEE IT. I wish it wasn’t up so high, but it’s probably safer that way. I stood on a stack of 4 chairs to get this picture.


Still in the original frame. Here it is, with its most gorgeous subject, in 1962. This photo is one of my latest acquisitions and I am happy to provide an un-watermarked copy of this to most people, please just leave me a comment and I’ll make sure you get it! Just sick of finding my scans on ebay, etc.


And that’s about all the non-news news I have for you!

Waffles a la Jeanette!

A fun post, this Friday:

Jeanette is widely considered to not have been that great of a cook. Both men in her life have acknowledged that she would leave the kitchen in a huge mess after she was finished, and she said it would take her most of the day to prepare a “not too difficult” meal, but she always said she had a great eye for produce and choice cuts of meat.

………Choice cuts of meat:


Sorry, sorry, I’ll behave.

ANYWAY, okay, so there were a few dishes that were “specialties” of Jeanette’s: her baked beans, best when served with her hot Boston brown bread is sort of universally considered the best thing in her repertoire. Also of note, her homemade Philadelphia style peach ice cream. I’ve made all of the above and they’re all fabulous and I don’t even LIKE baked beans.

A MacDonald specialty that I had not tried until today, however, is her waffles. She used to make them on Sundays occasionally and have people over. Director Ernst Lubitsch used to eat FOUR (I was full after one).

So this morning, I figured it was time to try the waffles. Here is her recipe, in her own handwriting. ❤


PLEASE NOTE: that is a 1 for number of teaspoons of salt!!! The brown ring on the old paper obscures it and her quotation marks then become misleading. Do not put 4 teaspoons of salt in the batter!

This recipe makes batter for about 4 waffles, depending on the size of your waffle iron, I guess.


Shout-out to Hana, one of my riding students who brings me fresh eggs from her chickens all the time!!


Jeanette’s all like, “Add milk to make a thin batter.” That’s too vague for me, but it worked. Apparently she has a lot of faith in whoever is reading this recipe not to be Katie Gardner in the kitchen. Guys, Angela was cooking in my kitchen in September and she brought into my life the knowledge that my oven can broil things. It was big news to me.


LOOKIT!!!!!!!!! It could have been darker but that was the first one and my angina was real.

My brother and sister-in-law were subjected to MacWaffles and they survived, and what’s more, they liked it.

So, another A+ for the Mac. Make the waffles.

Oh! And my friend Mary Lynn owns Jeanette’s original cookbook (in which she cut up old address labels and used them as tape, bless her), and it has been reproduced gorgeously into a spiral-bound volume that can be purchased at this link. Well worth it!!


‘LOVE’ is a Four-Letter Word

Hello, dear readers, I have returned with the latest dose of embarrassing nonsense from the people who designated themselves human components of Jeanette’s Figurative Chastity Belt.

I’ve heard that the so-called “Nelson fans” were merely “tolerated” at the old Clan Clave meetings of the Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club, but if they made noise or applauded his solos during a film screening, they were asked to leave. This is how high tensions were about Nelson, the very presence of him on a movie screen with their Precious Princess Diva was enough to really freak these folks out, apparently. But why? Why, if they have nothing to be “concerned” about? Why so jumpy? Why so defensive? You do understand that it’s a movie, right? That it will play the same way it always has, every viewing, that applause and enthusiasm for Nelson aren’t going to make the film work any differently, so…………?

Side Note: Even today, people bitch about her being best remembered as one-half of the most famous singing duo in history …like that’s a problem. Nelson had a rather brilliant opera and concert career before he arrived in Hollywood, but nobody wants to talk about that. Jeanette was a star on Broadway and at Paramount, and her Paramount days are still highly regarded among anyone who actually has real knowledge of classic film, but the MGM/Nelson movies are where it’s at, for her. Even at MGM, her recording of the title song in San Francisco became the official song of the city. It was a big deal and that was a great movie… but we still think of her as Rose Marie. Do you think of Ginger Rogers without Fred Astaire? I mean, you can, as a person with film knowledge, you can talk about Kitty Foyle or Stage Door or any number of her solo films, but she will always be best and most fondly remembered as a partner, a teammate, half of the greatest dancing team ever. For Nelson and Jeanette, they each did commendable solo projects but it was together that they were best-known, best-loved and have been and will be best-remembered. They were both proud of that. That indelible perfection that happened between them, as a result of the exquisite blending of their voices is the stuff legends are made of, but the fact is their chemistry crackles when they aren’t singing, too. Between them, something worked.

I just think it’s really stupid—the Nelson hate, the Jeanette hate. I’ve seen it on both sides. You may prefer one or the other but for God’s sake appreciate them BOTH, because they appreciated each other. Once, Nelson threatened to disband his fan club because it was talking shit about Jeanette. You really think they’d applaud the efforts that are made to demean the other one?

The thing that sticks out to me is how that whole camp: Clara, Tessa, definitely Gene and maybe even Emily are so completely threatened by Nelson that they would strike him from the record at every turn and the hell with how Jeanette feels on the subject. It’s really amazing. Which, actually, brings me to the point of this blog post:

My research buddy Angela recently came across a couple of really interesting documents. (She also had the brilliant suggestion for the title of this post, so thanks, chum). The first is an article from the Rose Marie era, which was preserved by Clara Rhoades, JMIFC President, and was included in a pile of stuff that had been used for the club’s publication, The Golden Comet. This is just one example, but it’s hilarious and enraging all at once, of how these people edited an article that was, at the time, already like twenty-five years old, removing any reference that showed Nelson in a good, sexy, attractive, masculine light. Here is a part of the article that have been marked up by Clara before the thing was re-printed by her club. (The article is from Silver Screen magazine, December, 1935, and it is entitled: On Location with Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.)


So yeah, we have to cross out anything that makes Nelson look like the heartthrob that he indeed was to audiences at this time. He can’t be handsome or sexy or swoon-worthy, because then someone might get the idea that Jeanette was swooning just like most other red-blooded American girls. (And we are so insecure that we have to try to engineer people’s thoughts away from that BAD BAD territory, especially with young upstart Sharon Rich on hand, who has gotten close to Jeanette’s sister Blossom and who is LEARNING THINGS. And worse, she is SAYING THINGS OUT LOUD.) And then, sure, go ahead and change the author’s words there at the end, Clara. Gotta keep the minds of the members clean and elevated beyond thoughts of the pleasures of the flesh. THIS IS A VERY PIOUS GROUP, OKAY. Unless it involves members playing Rump Roast with underage boys, natch. We just don’t talk about that…………..

Now, as most of you know, Jeanette was given a Woman of the Year award in Philadelphia, February 26, 1960. Among the accolades and tributes of the evening, President Eisenhower sent a warm telegram to be read to the audience, and Nelson dashed off a letter as well with a tribute of his own.

A letter from Jeanette was included shortly thereafter in the “Mailbag” section of the Nelson Eddy Music Club’s publication, in which she quotes what Nelson said in his letter. After looking for most of the day, I finally found my copy of this and have included the selection in question below:


Sweet, right? Yeah, we think so, too.

On page 320 of his book, Hollywood Diva, Edward Baron Turk quotes the same letter thus:


Notice anything different? Here, have the first one again:


Before I go any further, I want to point out that Dr. Maria Escano was the first person to discover this discrepancy, back in 2014. We were all very intrigued then, and outraged; why would Turk leave off the word “love” at the end of Nelson’s letter? WHY, INDEED?

I have decided to no longer blame Turk for censoring Nelson, only for being too big of an ass-kissing moron to see that it had been censored.

And why do I say that, you ask?

Well, because Angela recently came into possession of Nelson’s ORIGINAL letter. She has been kind enough to allow me to reproduce it here for this blog. It is a front and back page.


Wait for it…


White out. Literal white out. I am not even close to kidding right now. I wish I was.

What. The. Hell.

So, who did it?

Nelson? No, because the letter in its original state was quoted by Jeanette in HER letter of March 1 to the Music Club.

Jeanette? No, obviously. She reported it as it was written.

Gene? No—well, I mean, I guess he could have, but that would have been kinda dumb. I’m going with no.

Turk? No. I don’t give him that much credit for brains.

Clara Rhoades, JMIFC president, mythology-peddler and fact laundered extraordinaire? With a history of “editing” away everything good and handsome and sexy and wonderful about Nelson? Who had this stuff in her clutches to edit as she so chose?

Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

And just in case you don’t think the word “love” and a “&” symbol is under there, I asked Angela to take a flash photo of it. She reports that it’s plainly visible when holding the letter up to the light. I adjusted the contrast in the photo for the clearest viewing.


So, please tell me how trustworthy these people are, again?

And please tell me why their condemnation of Sharon Rich and her tireless work holds ANY WATER, WHATSOEVER?

Come on, Clara. Come on, Saints. Where the hell do you get off editing someone’s words like that? And furthermore, as if this couldn’t get more idiotic or something, this wasn’t even a private letter! This was a few remarks written by Nelson to be read aloud in a public forum in which Jeanette was being honored. So what the hell is the problem with him giving her his continuous love? Why does that freak you out so much that you actually feel entitled to change the ending of the man’s letter? Who died and left you in charge of the Censorship Committee?

When you read the Golden Comet, when you talk to the “Saints” — know this. The information they perpetuate and the information their inmates continue to swear by is heavily, heavily edited. Heavily censored. You see only what they want you to see. These people are scared to death (for what reason, I still do not know) that what Blossom told Sharon, what Sharon has worked and worked and worked to learn about for decades since, what countless other people including Angela and myself have jumped in and worked on, too—they are scared to death that it’s true. Why? God only knows. My only guess is that so many of these people have never experienced, in their own lives, the desperate, frantic passion of a real and volatile love. They don’t understand it, they find it disconcerting and they don’t WANT to understand it. They don’t have the emotional capacity to grasp that something may be worth it, even if it’s horrifically difficult. Even if all the odds and your own non-deceitful moral compass are against you. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, with their awkward Fred and Ethel Mertz sort of vibe and lack of sexy chemistry, make them comfortable. Clara’s loathing of Nelson is, as Angela just pointed out to me, borderline pathological. Why is she on such a mission to eradicate him?

I mean, the stuff Sharon has written isn’t always all sunshine and lollipops. A lot of it can be tough to stomach, or heartbreaking, or maddeningly frustrating, leaving you just dying to go back in time and make things better somehow. But she doesn’t white-wash and she doesn’t sugar-coat. And that’s more than can be said for The Keepers of Jeanette’s Imaginary Virtue. This is absolutely pathetic.

Meredith Willson was overheard to say once, after attending a JMIFC Clan Clave, “It was as if Nelson Eddy never existed.” And that was exactly the way they wanted it. After Jeanette died, Gene was their sort of Big Ticket Attraction at the meetings, and they gave him unmerited prominence in Jeanette’s professional life (he spent her money like water and was a Grade A Flop in just about everything except minor theatre and the Air Force, let’s be real here), and beefed up their personal life to make it some sort of untouchably wonderful thing. They did this to such an extent that they then had to tamper with documents to beat down any question that perhaps there was more to this story. If they weren’t damn scared of the fact that there WAS more than meets the eye here, they’d never have bothered trying to change everything all around.

As a post-script to this disgusting mess, I recently bought a picture on ebay of Jeanette as Juliette in Rose Marie. It had Clara’s address label on the back of it, a “please return to” sort of deal. It was peeling off, and I noticed writing underneath it. Jeanette’s. So I took Clara’s label the rest of the way off and put that garbage in the can where it belongs. Just let that sink in a minute. She actually pasted her own label over Jeanette’s handwriting. Quite the little self-important fan club personage, no? I mean, wow.

Three Portraits (and a Bonus Maytime)

I have some goodies for your downloading pleasure. All of these arrived in the mail today; please help yourselves but please don’t be an ass about it. For reference, all of these are scanned at high resolution from 8x10s. Click for full size. Enjoy!!!! And I’ll be back soon with a real!blog post.

This one is Jeanette’s copy of this photo. A double-weight original that showed up with ancient Replique perfume wafting off of it. Bless. ❤


This one was new to me when it was put up for auction. I cannot handle her perfect gorgeous face.


Third, a familiar pose from her last formal portrait sitting. She is so regal and stunning!


Finally, a well-known pose from Maytime. This is such a clear version of it, replace the copy you had with a download of this:


“The Knight on the White Charger”

…is one of the ways that Sunny Griffin described what Nelson was to the woman who adored him. I know he said it. I’ve seen the footage. And really, what a perfect way to describe what goes on between their eyes.

Angela recently acquired this stunning, crystal clear photograph and was kind enough to allow me to post it here. Please don’t attempt to profit from her generosity.

This is one of my favorite shots of them, because of everything it stands for. These people are not young, especially if you consider how many years they had left, at this point. It’s not Naughty Marietta time anymore. They’ve sung all their songs together. They’ve been through heaven and hell and decades and breakups and eight films and personal triumphs and poor decisions and regrets and secrecy and bitterness and stalled career moves and laughter and tears and practical jokes and fake feuds and health struggles. They’ve sung for presidents (FDR for him, Ike for her), they’ve officiated the funeral of their best friend. They’ve buried their child. They’ve recorded an album of Favorites that went Gold. They’ve married the wrong people. They’ve confided in some people and kept their silence among others. They’ve kept up appearances. They’ve lied to protect themselves and their spouses and their careers. They’ve let their eyes and their emotions give them away. They’ve been good, honorable, kind, trustworthy, decent human beings. They’ve been late-blooming emotional adolescents, growing up and realizing too late what they were throwing away. They’ve lied to allow their fans to keep their illusions, unrealistic as they may be, because when the chips are down, they can’t bear to disappoint and disillusion their faithful. They’ve had to live with and in some cases be tortured by their choices.  They’ve served their country with honor. They’ve given millions of people hours of happiness, while never fully being able to realize that happiness for themselves, in their own lives. They’ve loved each other with a power mere mortals can’t begin to comprehend and they’ve lost each other but every time they’ve found their way back again. They’ve neglected to put enough faith in the sheer scope of what they had together. They’ve doubted each other when they should have trusted. They’ve said no when they should have said yes. They’ve had to come, at long last, to the realization that maybe it won’t ever work out for them.

Everything has changed.

Nothing has changed.

And still they hold each other; Jeanette cradled in Nelson’s arms, one around her shoulders and one at her waist.

And still they have that special, special something between their eyes.

This is not the best picture ever taken of Jeanette. I am 99% sure that she’s wearing a wig in this picture, the hairline at the back of her neck looks that way. She did do that, in her 1963 desk diary she has notes of appointments with wig fitters…and she had not performed in several years.  I think Jeanette is pretty much perfect, always; the only reason I bring up the wig is to point out how much Nelson’s eyes don’t appear to see it. In this picture, we see Jeanette looking up at her white knight with a delicacy and an adoration that I have simply never seen beamed at Gene Raymond.

The look on Nelson’s face is utter magic. He’s young and, yes, sexy here in a way we never see in this part of his life with the other two women. Ann makes him look like, to paraphrase Angela, a crabby old man about to yell at someone for walking on his grass. (LOL!) Gale makes a rather odd pairing with him. Onstage they worked well. Up closer, well, they look sort of odd together, the age difference very apparent. With Jeanette, we see tender Nelson. Adoring Nelson. Gentle, wicked, artistic, sensitive Nelson, holding his muse. The look on his face is full of knowledge and history.


You get the sense that their bodies are older but that is not what they see when they look at each other.

What I see is two people who had every curve ball known to man thrown at them, but who ultimately stood the test of time and found their way back to each other over and over and over and over again.


Thank you for sharing the picture, Angela.

January 13, 1946 – My Wonder One

Nelson Eddy, romantic.

On his January 13, 1946 episode of The Electric Hour radio show, he sang a song that he co-wrote with Ted Paxson. Ted wrote the music and Nelson the lyrics. It’s called My Wonder One, and his exquisite lyrics leave very little room for doubt as to the object of his adoration and muse of his writings.

Here are his lyrics:

My wonder one

My shining sun

I feel your thrilling vibration.

Your witching face,

Enchanting grace,

Have cast a spell of elation.

My magic you,

My dream come true

My world’s divinest creation.

My search is done

My prize is won

The wonder is, you’re mine!

I see in your smile

Something mesmerizing.

You have a winning guile

Your touch is magnetizing.

I stand before you in surrender,

How I adore you.

With a tender yearning

I am burning.

 I made a video tribute to this gorgeous thing, using Nelson’s performance from that show:

Side Note: I think it’s really interesting that when Nelson’s writing lyrics about BabyGirl, he sure does seem to yearn a lot. See above for his tender yearning-burning.

When he did a pilot for a tv show called Nelson Eddy’s Backyard, when they were broken up, he sang a song called Wish You Were Here, which he sings for the first time on the show while standing in front of a huge painting of Lake Tahoe, hint hint. When he sings it later in the show, he sings a slew of original lyrics that have never been heard of before or since (see Eddie Fisher’s version of the same song to see what I mean). He wishes he was “THERE in old Manhattan” (………guess who was in NYC….) and then he misses “where the scenery omits the greenery” and then he talks about the “silver studded twilight that shimmers through the TV antennas” (Um, do you wish to be in someone’s bedroom, sir? That seems like the kind of view one would have out a bedroom window.)  Anyway it’s all very sweet and “these memories fill me with a yearning, a hungry yearning beyond compare” — the poor dude is seriously missing his girl.  I mean, there’s no good legit reason for him to pick THIS song to sing on the show…of all the songs in the world to sing. That bit about these two talking to each other with their song choices is just eight hundred percent legit and that’s all—if you can’t see a thread here, welp, idk what you did with your soul but you might want to have that checked out.

Here’s a video of his performance with his original lyrics:

And here’s the one from the first time he sang it on the show, pipe the Lake Tahoe painting in the background. ❤

(Another side note: That’s Ted Paxson at the piano. Love him!)

Because let’s be honest literally effing NOBODY writes love songs about Ann Franklin.


I had wanted to share this earlier, but the picture was JUST literally five minutes ago emailed to me.

I was struck, Christmas Eve morning, after seeing something that brought it to mind, by the thought that I didn’t want Jeanette to have empty vases or wilted old junk (like what I found when I visited in June) at Christmastime, so I called Forest Lawn super fast and told them to get busy with some Christmas Cheer for our songbird. I can’t control the non-matching in height and greenery from the East Coast, though I’m certainly OCD enough to want to, but I do hope she felt loved.


Merry Christmas!


Thanks for a great year here at The Case for Jeanette and Nelson! I have some interesting, newsy blogs planned, so stay tuned, and in the meantime, have awesome holidays and best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year! (And just LOOK at those gorgeous hot people in that picture…….come onnnnnnnnnnnn. They are too much and there’s an air of fanciful naughtiness about the whole thing that is one of the main reasons why the original is blown up to 20×30 on my living room wall…)

The Message of the Violet

Hi again!

Just wanted to let you all know that my second Mac/Eddy novel, The Message of the Violet, is now available in paperback at these links! I’m really quite proud of this book, I believe I have written a better book than the first one (the goal should always be to improve!), and I’m really excited for it to be out and getting read by all of you! It has been really fun to give these two incredible beings the life I wish they had had.


The Kindle edition will be out in due course (as soon as I finish all the necessary formatting) and I’ll let everyone know!

Of course, this book is the sequel to Smilin’ Through, and it’s really important that you read Smilin’ Through first.

It’s available here, in paperback AND Kindle, if you still need it!

Happy Reading! ❤