This is Your Life: Revamped!

It was impossible to have this not be a priority. Among many, many cans of film, The JAM Project has possession of Jeanette’s original of This is Your Life — the one that they say at the end of the show that they’re giving her. The film strip is dated and stamped — this is it. The wrapping the film is in is labeled in Gene’s handwriting; the reel itself is labeled in Jeanette’s.

If you don’t think that is ridiculously cool, WHY are you reading this blog!?!?

So anyway, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that every “version” of this show currently out there is grainy, gritty, blurry, etc — we’ve all been happy to have it, of course, and memorized it and loved it and watched it over and over again, anyway, but if there was a chance that a better copy could be made with the technology available to us in 2017, we had to look into that, especially considering its significance in the Jeanette and Nelson story.

Jeanette’s film looked to be in remarkably good shape for being almost sixty-five years old. We knew this transfer was going to be expensive, but we marshaled the troops and got it done — and it’s digital now, so it’s forever. What a coup. That feels awesome. Beyond my ongoing gratitude to Lynda, Mary Lynn and Angela for making The JAM Project a reality, I want to make sure we also express our tremendous thanks to the people who helped with the financing of This is Your Life specifically, to make it available for everyone to enjoy at no cost: Leslie, Tracy, Charlotte, Annette, Scott, Lynda and Mary Lynn (in no particular order).

When our guys at the lab told us that it looked “very good”, my palms got a little sweaty. It’s their job to be critical, so it must look pretty darn awesome. Turns out it does. I feel so good about us getting this done. I’m sure YouTube will compress it and maybe we’ll lose a tiny edge of that greatness, but what arrived on our flash drive is grand — and it will be grand for posterity.

An additional thank you to Tracy for taking the mp4 file we got back from the lab and boosting the volume a bit. The sound is SO much richer than what we’ve had in the past — I’m picking up all kinds of nuance that we didn’t have previously — but the volume needed a little help.

Without further ado, this is your life, Jeanette MacDonald.** ❤

**complete with RIDICULOUS and AWFUL Anita Louise and Unqualified-to-Speak-Male-Accomplice live Hazel Bishop commercials. My personal Hell, when I get there, ’cause there ain’t no doubt I’m going — ask around! — will consist of these on a loop, I am convinced.

Okay I thought I was done with the commentary but can I just say that this dress is a lot cuter now that you can see the detail on it? It actually matches the pictures that were taken that night now, lol. She’s so cute.







6 thoughts on “This is Your Life: Revamped!

  1. OMG such wonderful news!!! Can hardly wait to see this! Thanks so so much to everyone involved in bringing this to us.

    On a side note, I bought the Sweethearts book last week and can’t put it down. I’m officially addicted to MacDonald / Eddy! YouTube videos, buying their music/DVDs, where does it end? (Actually, I hope it never does!). 🙂

  2. Sorry to ‘double post’.

    What a great print! Her jewelry is fantastic and the dress is gorgeous! So well-fitted. Her skin just glows…matches her glowing personality.

    I so want Nelson to snatch her off that couch, punch Gene in his smug face (just because he’s Gene Raymond), and run off with her to Lake Tahoe! Who’s with me on this?!! 🙂

    Oh, and hate to say it, I’m a makeup junky and want some Hazel Bishop Non-Smear Lipstick!

  3. Oh my God. It is just so clear! What an absolute treasure. The perfection was marred only by the fact that my computer decided to close down and update right at the end of Nelson’s song. Much cussing occurred let me tell you. Sincere thanks to all involved in providing this amazing copy for us all to see.

  4. Thank you all so much for digitizing this program! It is better now than it would have been if I had seen the original broadcast (actually I might have). And it will last for a long time.

  5. This is so incredibly wonderful, thank you so much! I even enjoyed the commercials. I never really liked the hairstyles of the 50’s, but Jeanette rocked it! And that beautiful dress. I enjoyed thinking of the information in “Sweethearts” the book while seeing what was something quite different on the “This Is Your Life” stage!

  6. Thank you to all that worked so hard in bringing This Is Your Life! Wonderful!! Nelson and Jeanette never lost that special glow when together! One can never hide that special feeling of LOVE!

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