Three Portraits (and a Bonus Maytime)

I have some goodies for your downloading pleasure. All of these arrived in the mail today; please help yourselves but please don’t be an ass about it. For reference, all of these are scanned at high resolution from 8x10s. Click for full size. Enjoy!!!! And I’ll be back soon with a real!blog post.

This one is Jeanette’s copy of this photo. A double-weight original that showed up with ancient Replique perfume wafting off of it. Bless. ❤


This one was new to me when it was put up for auction. I cannot handle her perfect gorgeous face.


Third, a familiar pose from her last formal portrait sitting. She is so regal and stunning!


Finally, a well-known pose from Maytime. This is such a clear version of it, replace the copy you had with a download of this:


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