I had wanted to share this earlier, but the picture was JUST literally five minutes ago emailed to me.

I was struck, Christmas Eve morning, after seeing something that brought it to mind, by the thought that I didn’t want Jeanette to have empty vases or wilted old junk (like what I found when I visited in June) at Christmastime, so I called Forest Lawn super fast and told them to get busy with some Christmas Cheer for our songbird. I can’t control the non-matching in height and greenery from the East Coast, though I’m certainly OCD enough to want to, but I do hope she felt loved.


2 thoughts on “<3

  1. That was a very loving thing to do at Christmas time. I have felt deep in my heart that both Jenny and Nelson can always feel the genuine article when someone expresses it. As an individual Jeanette always tried her best to demonstrate in her life the Love that is God. She hated violence. She had a great capacity to forgive. We could all learn from that and yet at times she could be furious.

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