The Message of the Violet

Hi again!

Just wanted to let you all know that my second Mac/Eddy novel, The Message of the Violet, is now available in paperback at these links! I’m really quite proud of this book, I believe I have written a better book than the first one (the goal should always be to improve!), and I’m really excited for it to be out and getting read by all of you! It has been really fun to give these two incredible beings the life I wish they had had.


The Kindle edition will be out in due course (as soon as I finish all the necessary formatting) and I’ll let everyone know!

Of course, this book is the sequel to Smilin’ Through, and it’s really important that you read Smilin’ Through first.

It’s available here, in paperback AND Kindle, if you still need it!

Happy Reading! ❤

3 thoughts on “The Message of the Violet

  1. Hello Katie, I read your first book, Smiling Through, in just a few hours. It is very well written, and I could feel your passion and wishing as you wrote the words. How did these words make me feel? Very sad, because, jeanette and Nelson did not have this joy and peace in their real lives. Granted, they both made some very bad choices, and God knows we will live out our choices!… However for them, I wish they could have had the story you wrote with all my heart! I do believe in heaven, so I believe true love never ends. Thank you very much for sharing your talent and love for them,,Elaine Yablonsky

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