Another Picture Post!


*NOTE* This is not a duplicate post, I’m re-posting the same post because the first time I posted it, it was posted with the new WordPress editor which I HATE (omg, it’s awful……) and it jacked up how my readers were viewing my pictures! So here’s today’s post, again, with {hopefully} pictures that you can actually enlarge and download. Bear with me! xo


Hello again! Got the batch of photos I was expecting today and I have them scanned to present here. 🙂

This first one is, to my mind, the standout of the group. It’s an original of Jeanette as Juliet from Rose Marie. It was mounted on paper backing with Clara’s name and address written on the back….but one side of the paper was loose and I peeled it away to find “Rose Marie” written on the back of the actual photograph in genuine MacScrawl. So I can now say with certainty that this photo is originally from Jeanette’s still collection. The second and third ones are well-known poses from Bitter Sweet and Naughty Marietta, but these are hi res scans of originals for anyone who may want a good print of them. I have no way of proving that they were Jeanette’s photographs, but most of this still collection was hers, so there’s a strong probability. Enjoy, but please don’t alter or re-sell.




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