Mac/Eddy Merch!

Hi all!

I’m getting ready to host my second Mac/Eddy Club meeting at my farm (did it for the first time in 2013), and I was making a list of things I want Sharon to bring, interviews I want to see, etc — that’s the perk of being the hostess, right? You get to base which interviews are shown on which ones you haven’t seen! 😀

Anyway, as I was contemplating all this, I was also thinking about which of the products available on that I have found particularly useful in my own research and learning, and I decided to highlight a few “picks” here.

For those of you coming to the meeting, you can obtain them in person and have Sharon sign them! Otherwise, all of this stuff is available on the club site at any time.

First of all, if you don’t own Jeanette’s autobiography manuscript, YOU NEED TO. I cannot say this enough. I personally am on my second copy of it. I wrote an entire blog post on this book, detailing why you need to study it.

Secondly, you need to become very familiar with the Irving Stone letters. These are often hilarious and continually fascinating: a real glimpse at the Unfiltered MacDonald before she became Hollywoodized. See evidence that she was carrying on with more than one man at a time, see her use bad words and talk about getting drunk and generally provide WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much information about some health stuff, in letters to her boyfriend (not one to keep the mystery alive, I guess, that girl of ours…). This book of letters really helps you understand her as the plucky rascal she was, and it makes you love her all the more.

There are a lot of great DVDs available there, but my personal favorite is the one known as TV Tape III. Thats the one with the footage of Jeanette in rehearsal for her 1956 production of The King and I. Guys, she’s rehearsing in an outdoor venue wearing a bathing suit, rehearsal hoop, ballet slippers and like no makeup. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT, I ASK YOU.



Just get right the hell out of here with your cute self, MacDonald. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

You need this in your life. Don’t argue with me, just get it. TV Tape III, guys. Your life will be better.

Oh, and you need the French version of The Merry Widow. Homegirl is super amazing with her beautiful French —after all it’s one thing to recite something in French, or sing in French, it’s another thing entirely to ACT in French — and the love scene is a little sexier, as are her undies in the montage. Those are the only differences I can spot, but you should get it because she’s effing impressive and that’s all.