Hot off the Mail Truck!

Enjoy a hi-res scan of my newest acquisition, a stamped original MGM 10×13 (which didn’t all fit in my scanner, I got it as best I could, so I’m not sure having it printed at 10×13 is a great idea) of Gorgeous and Gorgeous-er (and who is saying who is who? Not me!) from New Moon, 1940. Feel free to enjoy it however you wish, just no alterations, please (or ebaying!!).


It’s already framed and on my wall!


5 thoughts on “Hot off the Mail Truck!

  1. Oh my word – be still my heart! Arn’t they just too gorgeous? And look at Nelson’s expression. As a team, they really were unbeatable. Thank you so much, so very much, for sharing with us! And please keep it coming?!

  2. Just look at these two beautiful persons! They never behaved with any other co stars the way they did around each other, never! It’s called the look of love! In my humble opinion, they were not acting, but reacting, AND by the way I just cannot stand to hear Nelson sing with that loud busty, Gale!!!! Can’t help it, !!!!

    • elaine, i agree with you about gale. she hangs on to nelson just in case he might “fly away.”
      that look of love between jeanette and nelson is truly beautiful.

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