This Person -or- Friendly Photo Sharing


This person, I think, does not give a rat’s ass if she keeps me up until all hours of the night or if I would be CONSIDERABLY more wealthy had I not fallen prey to her inordinate amount of charm/hilarity/WTF/omgiloveyou/tragedy.

Come to think of it…I don’t, either, on accounta I love the twit. Ah well. Look at her fluffy curly haaaaaaaaaaaair. ❤

Really, there’s nothing like going through a veritable mountain of Research Materials and reading a longhand letter she wrote to Hedda Hopper when she was in Europe in the late 50s, and finding newsy little items like, “…and at a table sat Yul Brynner, looking shiny as usual” ……..ahahahahaha. Shiny.

This has been a post.

Enjoy the hi-res picture. Don’t alter it.


4 thoughts on “This Person -or- Friendly Photo Sharing

    • Thank you, Elaine!! I’ve been very busy with Real Life, and I also am fairly committed to just blogging when I really have something to say (other than photo sharing; then anything goes!). Quality, not quantity. At the very least, there should be some more pictures shared soon—heck, I might even do it tonight! 🙂

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