Hello, Gorgeous

Morning, all.

That was some heavy stuff on the blog last night. I mean, I’m glad I posted it. I’m glad I said it, but yeesh. Sometimes being in “rebuttal” to someone else’s nonsense isn’t the best breeding ground for useful discussion, but in some cases it just feels really necessary to have your own say. The topics of last night’s post have been thrown around fast and loose for so long, I felt like they needed to be addressed here, on this blog. Sharon’s “sister post” on maceddy.com I felt was compelling and I’m SO glad she wrote it. There cannot now be any claims made that anyone doesn’t understand the situation or why it’s in the book. Nice job as always, Sharon.

Here’s the third and final of my recently digitized rare and fabulous stills of Jeanette. Not for profit, educational use only, same old thing. It’s fine if you want to download/print it for private home use, just no altering or circulation, please.

She’s so exquisite, there really aren’t words for it. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Gorgeous

  1. Hi there! This message is just for you Katie, no need to post it on you blog!
    I am very new to Mac&Eddy story, and find it fascinating the body of work that I found on Sharon Rich’s and your blog. I only knew Jeanette Macdonald through early Lubitch films, I had no clue who Nelson Eddy was! I grew up on the other side of the pond, maybe that explains. Jeannete Macdonald’s image in her early films holds sentimental values to me, because she looks likes my grandmother’s doppelgänger. ..
    Anyway, long story short, I came to love and respect those two highly talented, immensely lovable human beings, and grateful to the fact that they are not forgotten. I live in Northern California and love that people here have great appreciation for history. Thanks again for your thorough research, now at least I know how her funeral reel wound up on YouTube!

    I love that time in History, between the wars, and do a lot of research on my own. Came across some articles in Photoplay magazine, MacEddy tidbits, would love to share with you if you like. Such as Eddy’s first interview after the sad elopement with pics of Ann, Jeanette’s preparations for honeymoon, her shoe size was 3,5!!!
    You have my email, drop me a line

  2. This is one of the most beautiful shot of Jeanette I have seen. I wonder why it was never published. Thanks Katie.

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