This uncirculated, undigitized-until-right-now thing of incredible beauty just arrived to me by email. I found it amid hundreds and hundreds of stills when Angela and I were digging in California, and immediately took the steps to obtain this fabulous scan.

I thought a lot about not posting it here on my completely-open-to-the-public blog, not making it available for everyone, because quite frankly there are a couple of saint people who I know for a fact read this blog whom I wouldn’t walk across the street to punch in the nose, much less hand over this beautiful, perfect, fabulous thing that I paid good money to make available. But in a fit of apparent warmheartedness, I argued with myself that when it comes to things like this, I’d like to have the entire world get to enjoy the beauty and charm that is this most spectacular human being. SHE would want that, I think. I thought about watermarking it, but that seemed like an obnoxious move, and I don’t want anything to take away from how stunning the image is.

So here’s the deal. I have shared this treasure at high resolution. Save it, frame it, love it, enjoy it. However:

This is an educational, NOT FOR PROFIT sharing of a digitized image. That means……

I do not want to find it popping up elsewhere on the internet. I will make sure that it is shared where I want it to be shared. No colorizing, editing, altering or tampering with it in any way. I do not want it showing up on ebay or any similar website. I will know where it came from and you will be reported. I have all of the paperwork on this image including copyright and digitizing information, etc, so do not try it.

Now that I have the lecture out of the way (I’m sorry about that to the 99.9% of my readership who are wonderful people, but one bad apple ruins this stuff for everyone), here is the incredible Miss MacDonald in all her amazing glory, by C.S. Bull:


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