Perfection, Part II

More exclusive MacBeauty, recently digitized and posted here for your viewing pleasure.

The same “rules” from the last post still apply: no re-posting or editing or colorizing or changing this photo in any way, please. Not for profit, educational use only. That being said, feel free to download and print this (or really any of my pictures) for PRIVATE use, like, to slap her up in a frame on your wall. I fully support that! But if I find ’em on ebay, heads are gonna roll. 😉

There just aren’t words to describe her. Nothing’s good enough.

The thing is, she wasn’t married yet. Nothing was irreparably screwed up, yet. These images capture the very essence of her joie de vivre that we never see again. Oh yes, there are many happy, cute pictures later on, but after, as Nelson put it, “the shit moved in”, something this wild, young, fresh, comparatively carefree woman was lost forever.

The fact that she gave such endless pleasure to so many people, but never got a lifetime full of it herself strikes me as a heinous injustice.

But here she is, ethereal, radiant and perfect:


3 thoughts on “Perfection, Part II

  1. She is ‘being in the present moment’ no past, no future, just that moment…that’s why photography is so powerful. Stunning! Thank you for sharing!

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