While My Lady Sleeps…

The Moon will rise but all in vain
For there’s no use in shining
While my lady sleeps

The breeze will sing a sad refrain
Because her heart is pining
While my lady sleeps

Starlight and moonlight and amorous melody wasted
What can they mean when I’m yearning for kisses never

The night may hold a million dreams
But when her eyes discover, Just a lonely lover
She will hurry on, with a sigh to the dawn
While the willow tree weeps, and my lady sleeps.


“Jeanette MacDonald rests between scenes of MGM’s Maytime…” Original snipe on the back of this photo.

Folks, she was just about to marry another man. This scene was excruciatingly difficult for both of them because of that fact: life imitating art. You see Nelson, in the final print of the film, staring at the tree because he couldn’t get through the song while looking her in the eye.

They were not, by any stretch of the imagination, at their “happiest” here, personally.

Yet, he is her safe place. Even in personal turmoil, she’s at ease in his arms.

Yet, he holds her while she catches a catnap on the set. With his chin on her head and both arms around her. He is still, not disturbing her, knowing how hard to come by sleep was for her, anytime when he couldn’t be there.

Yet, she holds onto him as she rests.

If you don’t take away ONE OTHER THING from this blog, please just understand that the events of June 16, 1937 do not tell a complete story.

Music to go with the above lyrics, so Nelson can serenade you while you sniffle, here.

6 thoughts on “While My Lady Sleeps…

  1. This is such a beautiful picture. BTW, ironic that this song fits. Especially since I’ve been hearing that song on my iPod throughout most of my LA visit. 🙂

  2. Two words on the subject…
    I often wonder what makes us have such a profound feeling of love and ultimate sadness towards these two extraordinary personalities. It might be an anthropologist in us, that always likes minding other people’s business, or do we draw parallels to our own lives, in one way or another?
    Learning of her heartbreaking last years, which no human beeing should’ve ever endured, made me one more time think about how precious our lives are; how we should live in this moment in harmony and love.
    I do believe she had a such an abundance of emotional passionate love given to her in chunks by Nelson (Sorry Nelson, can’t call you Mr.Eddy after we’ve been let into your private life in so many details! Seriously Nelson, baby talk to Anne? Ewww).
    Ok, stay focused! As I was saying….JAM had more happy times than
    some people get in several lifetimes: past, present, future.
    As I was enjoing the afternoon’s sun today, leisurely stretched by the pool, the singing of the birds made me think of our Singing Sweethearts. I mentally sent my love to them and hoping that they are together now and forever….and that very moment a monarch butterfly landed on my foot and it took my breath away, it flew out of nowhere! Or did it?

    Hug your loved ones tonight!
    I hope everyone in US had a wonderful long weekend!

    • Thank you for your comment!
      Re: The butterfly…….well, suffice to say I am convinced, and most reasonably so, I feel, that they’re not all that far away. So your description of your moment made me smile and nod.

      • Katie, I found these funny photos of Mr.amd Mrs. from ‘official’ JAM website, with LGBT flag plastered over pics as decor, they think makes them look cute😀
        Can’t attach it though

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