The Letter


I have nothing to add at this moment, except that extravagant wretchess is now the only term of endearment I want in my life EVER, but please read Sharon’s post about it here and just picture me nodding vigorously along:

What’s that? ANOTHER piece of Historical MacEddy Pie that fits PERFECTLY into what Sharon wrote years ago? #BAM

Oh, and, uh, because my nerdiness knows no bounds………. like my shirt? 😉


4 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. Wow this letter is amazing!!! Of course he loves her – we all knew it – but to see it in his hand writing is just so beautiful. Did you buy the letter or did Sharon? I was outbid on Ebay and am just thrilled to see it. As much as I dislike what did those fan clubbers did to their memory I am so grateful this letter and the others were saved. It’s such a treasure 🙂

    • Neither of us bought it….rather, there was a huge group effort made and thus, it doesn’t belong to any one person and will be donated to a library or museum for permanent display. So excited to be part of this wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Katie, and thank God this letter made it into the right hands. I love the way Nelson signs off: ‘Fondly, your Nelson.’ Hers, not anyone else’s. Kind of says it all doesn’t it?

  3. Knew that all your efforts and hard work will be validated! So glad, so glad. Love your pic, want your shirt!! Please keep on being our ears, eyes and heart out there . . . .we are with you all the way! Ag, I am so totally besotted with our two sweethearts! I so wish we could have reruns of their movies in South Africa. And, as all above remarked – thank God the letter survived. Hopefully more will come to the fore.

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