Happy Birthday, Jeanette Anna! <3

Today, our Jeanette would be 112 years old.

She’d prefer for you to think she was 108, thank you very much. 😉


Beautiful at every age. ❤

And, of course, here are some of my favorite birthday shots of Jeanette with her most favorite co-star, taken June 18, 1938. She’s pregnant with his baby, their happiness is palpable and so what if there’s a camera around? The caption for the “peck” picture (which is clearly a different kiss than the last shot, their noses are on opposite sides and their hands are different) had to do with Nelson “congratulating” her on her birthday and her first wedding anniversary.

Oh, I see. Mmhmm. *eyeroll*


Anyway…no rants or tirades for this post, just the hope that this special human being realizes, wherever she is, how very dearly she’s loved and how hard we’re willing to work to have her truth understood once and for all. And I hope you all, reading this, understand that this was a good person, a kind person, a decent person, and that she’s 100% worthy of admiration and respect. It’s really nice, when you study someone’s life so closely, to find that you care about them more and more all the time.

Happy Birthday, J-Mac. Love you! ❤


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jeanette Anna! <3

  1. Happy Birthday Jeanette! Love you. Thank you for all the happiness you brought to so many people. Hope you’ve found your own happiness, your own sweet mystery of life in that place beyond this world.

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