See you June 28th!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share information for how you can join us for the Mac/Eddy Club Meeting at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in  Los Angeles, June 28th!

Tickets and information at this link.

I’ll be there, can’t wait–eight glorious days in Los Angeles! I have some exciting research opportunities that hopefully will turn up compelling things to post here. I also have a great deal to share on the blog as is, and I hope to be getting at least one of those posts up before I leave for LA. Suffice to say that lots of new material is surfacing (and I say “new” because it’s stuff that Clara, Tessa, Gene and their ilk didn’t want you to see, and as their stranglehold weakens, we are able to crack open the decades old facade) and I am so proud of the efforts made to secure AND SHARE these things, now.

One thing I can briefly talk about: we got Jeanette’s 1963 desk diary. And that has some heart-wrenching details. I haven’t even finished studying and absorbing the thing and it has put me in tears more than once. She and Gene were fighting, a lot, he was absent even more, she was very unwell, not eating well (and nobody seems to care–I swear to God if I read the word alone one more time…) very lonely and feeling unloved. It’s all set out right there in her hand, like she has nobody else to tell, like she needs to unburden to someone or something but does not have that outlet. Just, I might add, as has been pointed out countless ways and subsequently ignored by the people who still insist that Gene Raymond was some sort of pillar of matrimonial excellence. OH, but, amid the page after page after page of a level of unhappiness that no wealthy, retired 60 year old movie star should be dealing with, are two beautiful moments of joy almost certainly brought about by our friendly neighborhood baritone, but more on that later. 😉

Sharon wrote the truth, long ago, from countless interviews and thousands of conversations.

Pieces of the hard evidence, long hidden and NEVER MENTIONED by the people who put themselves in charge of the Censorship of Jeanette MacDonald, are coming to light in this auction. And they support Sharon and the truthfulness and validity of what she was told. But most importantly, they support this special, special woman and they validate the story she lived but could not tell. And that’s what compels me. And that’s why I’m here.

I’m so happy to be on the right team. I feel so privileged to be allowed to add to this story.

And I’ll see you June 28th!

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17 thoughts on “See you June 28th!

  1. Katie, I want to email you privately – not about this wonderful post or Mac/Eddy…well related to it but not about it. But am not sure what your current address is. Write me, if you can.

  2. Enjoy yourself in Los Angeles Katie, I know you will. Waiting with baited breath for your addition to the blog as you always tell it as it is. Proud to know you and to have you on the winning team. Happy sleuthing.

  3. From far away South Africa I am rooting for you, hope you have a wonderful time, cannot wait to hear all the details! Thanks for your hard work, and for everybody who contributes! You go girl!!!!

      • when jeanette was so ill and alone did any of her friends “in the know” realize that gene raymond was not caring for her?? it is so difficult to understand that no person could help her at the end. gene raymond has to answer to almighty god for what actions he did to make jeanette’s life so unbearable.

  4. So wishing I could go to LA with you all, next time. I can hardly wait for your next Blog. I concur with “Happy Sleuthing”. Thank you so much for all you and your compatriots are doing to bring the truth to us.

  5. Enjoy your time in L.A, Katie. Wish I could be there, too. Maybe one of these days I might be able to come again. Many years since my last visit. Happy Sleuthing! Look forward to the updates on your blog.
    Connie D.

  6. I’m so looking forward to this event!! It’ll be my first. And I haven’t been back to L.A. in some time. Research! Adventures! So much amazingness! 🙂
    Katie, can I email you about meeting up/potential collaboration/etc.? I have so many ideas I definitely think you’d be appreciative of!

  7. Just reading thru your article again – and if Jen was so alone, does that imply that Nelson also was guilty of neglect of the love of his life? Breaks my heart to think so! Maybe I’m missing a point here, or maybe being in South Africa gives me a different perspective, as I am not so familiar with all the circumstances? But thanks again for all the work that you and your colleauges and other contributors are doing! What a priviledge to share in a joint, inexplicable devotion to two remarkable people and their tragic relationship.

    • Don’t forget that Nelson was on tour doong his nightclub act and was GONE very very frequently during these years. It’s not perfect but I don’t believe he deliberately neglected her. He called frequently and visited as he could. She did her very best to hide her condition from the two people who could help her most: Nelson and Blossom. And then, eventually, Gene took her phone out of her room, so she couldn’t reach out to anyone even if she wanted to. Blossom was also very busy during this time, realizing her biggest fame as Grandmama on the Addams Family. The person I hold the MOST responsible is Gene, who was married to her, who had no problem living on and inheriting her money, but who could not bother to properly care for her at the end of her life. It’s disgusting.

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