Jeanette and Nelson in Glorious Technicolor <3

Just a quick post to share this most beautiful addition to my collection. I have scanned it at high resolution and Don color corrected it (the original is VERY red, thanks Don!!), so anyone who would like to download and/or print it, please feel welcome to do so. This same photo graced their Favorites in Hi Fi album cover.

Please do NOT feel welcome to make a copy and sell it on ebay. Don’t be an ass. Nobody likes an ass. When you’re an ass, nobody wants to share their stuff with you.


7 thoughts on “Jeanette and Nelson in Glorious Technicolor <3

  1. thank you katie. this is one of my favorite pictures. i also love the picture of nelson visiting jeanette on the set of smilin through. is there any possibility of putting that one on for us to copy???

  2. Thank you so much! Wish my mom was still alive, so I could show her! I have ordered all their movies from USA, and am watching them with absolute delight! We in South Africa do not get TV movies of them. Thanks again!

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