Blossom MacDonald Rock

Like her sister, Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald Rock also passed away on this date, but thirteen years after Jeanette.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Blossom, because she worked through her own difficulties as a stroke victim to communicate the real story of her sister’s life and love to a young Sharon Rich. Blossom made contacts available for Sharon to talk to, answered questions and set the truth in motion all those years ago.

In addition to which, she was Jeanette’s beloved and trusted confidante. The two sisters were always close. She got Jeanette her first real non-kiddie theatre work, and thus is probably the person most responsible for helping her career. She spoke of that happenstance with much pride and affection.

Here is lovely Blossom in her “Marie Blake” days:


And here she is in the role for which she is best remembered, Grandmama on The Addams Family:


And here she is with her kid sister:


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