Live from the Library of Congress!

Well, not really live, this picture (that’s me on the left and Angela on the right. MACEDDY SUPER SLEUTHS!) was taken this morning from Sound Booth 15 in the Recorded Sound Research Center, where we unearthed some real gems that will be debuting here soon!

We look so………..delightfully wholesome and friendly. Yes, indeed.

Angela and Me

We’re going back tomorrow to mine more! In the meantime, have this hilarious tidbit that adds nothing to any case except the very real fact that Jeanette was a total brat. God, how we adore that girl. ❤

Fur Bill

Also, this. ……………….really, Hedda? Betcha a dolla you didn’t know about ALL the couches! 😀


We’ll be back!

2 thoughts on “Live from the Library of Congress!

  1. I always did think Rise Stevens was a little hefty to be paired with Nelson. Most of his co-stars wear small compared to him, but not her. I reckon the poor couch was just not up to it, or it could have been sabotage! But WHO would have done such a thing?

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