I’ll See You Again, Part 4

Jeanette’s will has been printed in full, including Codicil, in Issue #52 of Mac/Eddy Today. It in itself is really very standard, although an interesting read for people with this particular sort of interest. She takes care of her family, her secretary, etc, and makes many thoughtful bequests to friends, famous and not. An animal lover like me will appreciate the fact that she left specific instructions regarding any pets she may own at the time of her death (any pet was supposed to go to her secretary)–she didn’t have any pets when she died, but still, I love that she put that in there. She was a good animal mom.

Of note is that Emily West (secretary) received the magnificent star sapphire brooch/necklace that Jeanette wore every other day for all time (or so it seems, anyway). Emily got the pin itself and the matching platinum and diamond chain that made it a necklace. Historian and friend and daughter of good friend, Madeline Bayless, was able to answer a question of long-standing when she reported that her father, Jim Bayless, mentioned Nelson talking about what he’d gotten “his girl” for Christmas—this. Nelson. Not Gene, as has been said so many times. This was just confirmed again, in person, in front of a large group, with Madeline, on June 29th at the MacEddy Club meeting. And look how publicly and how often Jeanette wore it. HAH.


Another document around this time estimates the value of the estate at “$1,000,000.00 +” and I would imagine that that is certainly true, and probably a conservative estimate. Jeanette had a joint checking account with Gene and a couple of rather insignificant savings accounts with him, but the bulk of her money was separate (smart girl) and she had upwards of ten bank accounts in total.

This, of course, leads me to my main point in this post.

Gene Asshole-of-the-Decade Raymond didn’t bother to make sure Jeanette’s final bills were taken care of. For months. Like, he ended up having to go to court about it. He and the executor of Jeanette’s estate were also sued for non-payment on the rent for the two Comstock Apartments. Additionally, during Jeanette’s probate, it was revealed that she had made a huge loan to Gene (who the heck, in a happy and normal marriage, makes loans to their spouse???????) and (of course) Gene attempted to have this debt waived, and the executors said no.

Here is the first item for your consideration—-an unpaid hospital bill from Jeanette’s final stay at UCLA, the last ten days of 1964.


Ohhhhkay. This is only a fricking $370.00 bill. Her insurance covered $847.20 of the $1217.20 total. THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS, PEOPLE. Not like we’re talking huge sums here. Note that it says “Date of first pub. notice to creditors: Feb 24, 1965.” — the woman’s bills should NEVER have had to go to a collections agency. I do hold the executor 7% responsible, as well, but the fact is a bill of this nature would have been mailed to the home. Probably right around the time she was dying, yes, so yeah, there may have been chaos happening, but it never should have been so tardy that the Superior Court of California is getting involved. Strike forty-two, Gene.

Next, this lovely little document informs us that Useless also let her funeral go un-paid-for for months and months. Four of them, as far as I know with the documentation we have. Who knows when it was actually settled.




Now see, this should piss you off. I don’t care if you’re on Team Happy MacRaymonds or not, This. Should. Make. You. Angry. For Jeanette’s dignity. Like, we get that you hung around for the money, Gene, but maybe TRY to have a drop of class and, you know, pay her final expenses before you skip merrily away? So sick. This crap is public record and a woman as smart and careful and QUIET with her money as Jeanette was, who had a healthy amount of pride and more than her share of class considering what she was up against half the time—-she’d have been so embarrassed.

Unfortunately, this is not out of character for Mr. Raymond. On May 25th, 1955, an arrest warrant was put out for our girl because an apartment house which was titled in her name was not being kept in good repair and she was accused of being a “slumlord” — in actual fact there were property managers involved who may or may not have been doing their jobs, but Gene was the only one of them who had anything to do with the property. (He just probably lacked the funds to make the investment, hence why it was in her name).

And though he was arrested a number of times over the years on various charges with a homosexual theme, only one of them that we know of actually made it to the books. Here it is, reprinted from the source notes of Sweethearts, and it’s totally obvious that the case number has been tampered with (you can see this even better in a higher quality scan, sorry). Jeanette had to shuck out $1,000.00 bucks to hush it up–far from the only time she did that. This was January, 1938–seven months into this delightful marriage.


I mean, for God’s sake, Nelson was a very, very, VERY flawed and complex and complicated man, and he did a lot of shit I’m not thrilled about or proud of, as someone who is “on his side” — but at least he wasn’t a total schmuck. At least he LOVED Jeanette. What kind of man lets his wife bail his ass out of jail? Oh, yeah, the same kind of man who doesn’t pay for her funeral. Right. As I said, I don’t give a damn who Gene slept with or what his sexual preferences were—I merely care that he treated Jeanette badly and with no respect. And he carried that tradition on after her death, it seems, with this documentation. And it REALLY ticks me off that he’d then go–year after year–to her fan club functions and talk about what a wonderful magnificent delightful fabulous amazing woman she was.

Like he even had a fraction of a clue.

13 thoughts on “I’ll See You Again, Part 4

  1. Bravo Katie. you tell it like it was! Thank you for making it so clear what a louse Gene Raymond was. That’s even a mild term to describe him! How some people stupidly never saw or refused to see (to this day!) his real character especially in the treatment of Jeanette in the final stages of her illness is really incredible! I firmly believe that had Nelson been her legal husband, she would have lived longer for he would have taken excellent care of her!

  2. Thanks for the documentation Katie. If I ever needed proof this would do it, but then of course I had insight enough to fathom what a shit Gene Raymond was to Jeanette even without documentation. It is a great shame that to those who think he was such a wonderful husband won’t believe any different even with proof. Keep going girl, because if you succeed in converting only one of these blind fucks it will be a miracle; and I’m all for a miracle or two.

  3. Ugh. I’ve thought about it a lot and I’m not sure if his actions during this period originated from a vengeful place. It seems more likely that he just did not care. At all. And that ambivalence is SO enraging, especially knowing how much Nelson DID care.

    The brooch/necklace is gorgeous! I also quite like the pearl-clustered one she wore often. I can’t seem to find the words to describe it at the moment, but she’s sporting it in her This is Your Life episode.

    • Word on the street is that Gene gave her the pearl cluster. Those were very very trendy in the 50s, but usually made of inferior pearls (which is why there could be so many in those clusters). Nelson gave her a long string of pearls (gorgeous ones) that she wore all the time, including with the pink dress on the cover of their Favorites in Hi-Fi album.

      • Interesting! I figured it would have been gifted/acquired later on because of the style’s popularity during the ’50s. (Personally, I prefer the Arlene Francis diamond heart pendant, but Jeanette DOES look gorgeous in pearls… Aw, hell, she was gorgeous in basically anything!)

        As a fellow redhead, I commend her on tossing out the fashion rule book. Who even made those up, anyway?? You rock that pink, gurl.

        And her heart pendant.
        And DK’s lack of chin.
        And Steve’s breadbox.
        And Bennett’s glasses.
        And John Daly’s hair.
        And I love it when Martin is on the panel. And Fred Allen. BUT NOT HAL BLOCK.

    • I think it truly is the best game show ever! Usually when I’m re-watching them these days I’ll skip the years after Dorothy died; it never was the same without her!

      HAL BLOCK IS SO SKEEVY. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so! I can’t stand his attitude toward lady guests. Blech.

      • Have you ever listened to the interview/audio footage of Bennett talking? They got rid of Hal because he was a giant skeev. He chased a lady guest literally around the stage one week and that was basically curtains for him. Quit being a giant sketchball.

      • Yep! I seem to remember others commenting on the situation, too- maybe Arlene in her memoirs, or Gil Fates. Remember that time he tried to kiss Bette Davis as she was exiting past the panel?!
        I’m SO glad he wasn’t around for Jeanette’s episode.

        Oh, this reminded me: Jammy is also wearing the aforementioned pearl cluster necklace in her The Name’s the Same appearance.

      • WHOOPS, I meant to say she’s also wearing the aforementioned STAR SAPPHIRE one on The Name’s the Same, not the pearl one. Or at least it definitely LOOKS to be it, as far as one can make out via the fuzzy kinescope print.

      • I thought that was THE ring! Gaw. 😀
        That neckline, though! Siiiiigh…so pretty. I’m usually not too big on ’50s fashion, but a big YESSS in this case!

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