Make Love, Not War

Here’s a wonderful thing:



In case you are visually impaired, that is a frame-by-frame animation of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald’s dressing room kiss in the 1938 movie Sweethearts.

And, you know, Mr. Eddy is casually teasing the bottom lip of his very strictly business platonic friend and co-worker, the very happily married Mrs. Gene Raymond (you know, the same chick he made out with just as friends when it was her birthday)….WITH HIS TONGUE. And she’s just smiiiiiilin’…………………..

I mean come on, you can see her blinking hard to avoid Gable’s “hangover breath” in San Francisco and looking generally yucked out by Barrymore in Maytime. And here, you can see a sly little smile. Yes you can.

But here, let me clarify:


Please note that the space between their mouths is black. The background is black. Also their mouths are open but we won’t mention that.


Awwwwwwwwwwshit. Nelson slippin’ her the tongue. Bad Nels.

The year is 1938. They are at MGM, working on a movie fully in compliance with the Hays Code. Remember how Jeanette is so blissfully Mrs. Gene Raymond and now Nelson is like… or sexless or wooden (well, maybe after they shot this scene. Heh.)……….I mean, it’s a tiny thing, but here it is. A tiny thing, but DEFINITELY A THING.


That’s all. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Make Love, Not War

  1. Delightful….these two light up the screen with their lovin. I just adore how his big paw is splays over her back and shoulder to bring her in close as her fingers press into his back in response. Active engagement there.

  2. Great! Here is another kicker look for Girl of the Golden West after their ride to the sunset, Nelson copping a feel. Maybe it my eyes. Jeanette is holding and squeezing Nelson’s hand and they kiss. Just saying.

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